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TOYOTA Starter 428000-1840 | DAH KEE Co., Ltd. is an ISO qualified automobile components rebuilder who provides aftermarket service with alternators and starter motors for over 30 years.

12V Starter for TOYOTA - 428000-1840 - TOYOTA Starter 428000-1840
  • 12V Starter for TOYOTA - 428000-1840 - TOYOTA Starter 428000-1840

12V Starter for TOYOTA - 428000-1840


Starter Motor

Starters of TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4/3.0L 2002-2005 are assembled by DAH KEE according to the Original Equipment Specifications to ensure that they can be installed successfully and work well.

If you are interested in DK#17825, please check more details as below.

  • DK No.: 17825
  • Volt: 12
  • KW: 1.6
  • Teeth: 13
  • Type: PMGR
  • TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4/3.0L 2002-2005
  • 17825
  • 22800-9900
  • 28100-20020
  • 28100-20021
  • 28100-28020
  • 428000-1080
  • 428000-1840
  • 228000-9901
  • 228000-9902
  • 28100-28040
  • 28100-28041
More Items to Consider

You can simply email us the vehicle's registration or check that the number of your old unit matches one number from the OE numbers listed below.

DK NO.Mtg.VoltKWTeethInterchangeApplication
17478MITSUBISHI121.48M1T73881, 23300-4E100, 23300-1E410, 23300-1E400, S114-754A, 17478, 17477NISSAN ALTIMA 2.4L 1993-1997
17833MITSUBISHI121.413M0T87085Z, M0T87081, 23300-8J010, 17833NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5L 2002-2006
NISSAN SENTRA 2.5L 2002-2006
17828RMITSUBISHI121.2817828, M0T90685, M0T90685ZC, 23300-9E012NISSAN ALTIMA 2.4L 2001
17740MITSUBISHI121.4817740, M0T85081, 23300-9E010NISSAN ALTIMA 2.4L 1998-2000
17831HI/MI Repl.121.41117831, M0T87187, M0T87187ZC, 23300-8J120, S114-528, S114-528ANISSAN ALTIMA 3.5L 2002-2004
NISSAN MAXIMA 3.5L 2004-2006
NISSAN QUEST VAN 3.5L 2004-2006
17713HITACHI121.410S114-801B, 23300-31U02, S114-801A, TM000A32401, 17713NISSAN MAXIMA 3.0L V6/A32 1994-2000
17779HITACHI121.411S114-801D, 23300-2Y900, 23300-5Y710, 17779NISSAN MAXIMA 3.0L V6/A32 2000-2001
INFINITI 130 3.0L 2000-2001
16205MITSUBISHI/HITACHI12 916205, 23300-10600, 23300-10605, 23300-10610, 23300-10615, 23300-B5000, 23300-B5001, 23300-B5002, 23300-B5010, 23300-B5011, 23300-B5013, 23300-B5014, M2T20281, S114-162D, S114-92KNISSAN PICK UP 1.5L 1973-1979
NISSAN PICK UP 1.6L 1979-1985
NISSAN URVAN 1.6L 1980-1987
16205RHI/ND Repl.120.8916205, S114-162, S114-162A, S114-162B, S114-162C, S114-162D, LRS00116, 23300-B5000, 23300-B5001, 23300-B5002NISSAN  URVAN 1.6 (E23)  1980-1987
17454HITACHI121.2917454, S114-527, S114-527A, S114-527B, LRS02056, 23300-G8400, 23300-G8401NISSAN D21 PICKUP 2.4L 1990-1995
17982HITACHI121.49S114-902, S114-902A, S114-902B, 23300-EN200, 23300-EN20A, 23300-EN20B, 17982NISSAN TIIDA 1.6L 2007-
NISSAN SENTRA 2.0L 2007-2008
17688MITSUBISHI121.2817688, LRS00793, M0T80281, M0T80281A, M0T80281AC, M0T80281B, M0T80285, M0T80285A, 23300-0M210, 23300-0M211, 23300-0M215, 23300-1M216NISSAN 200SX 1.6L 1995-1998
NISSAN SENTRA 1.6L 1995-1999
31461HITACHI121831461, S114-389, S114-389A, S114-390, S114-390A, LRS00471, 23300-01E00NISSAN PRAIRIE 2.0 4X4 (M11) 1988-1992
16809HITACHI121.2916809, S114-357, S114-357A, S114-357B, S114-357C, LRS00725, 23300-11M00, 23300-11M01, 23300-11M02, JS389NISSAN SENTRA 1.7L 1983-1987
33182NHITACHI122.59S13-556, 23300-2W200, 23300-DB000, 23300-VG111, 23300-VW201, LRS2182, S13-527B, S14-406A, S14-406B, 33182NISSAN ZD 30
17683MITSUBISHI121.49M0T60181, 23300-0W010, 23300-0W011, 17683NISSAN PATHFINDER 1996-2000
16774HITACHI120.8816774, S114-319, S114-320, S114-320A, LRS00392, 23300-D0100, 23300-D0200, 23300-D1700NISSAN 200SX 1.8L 1984-1986
NISSAN 200SX 2.0L 1984-1986
NISSAN STANZA 2.0L 1982-1987
17982HITACHI121.41017982, S114-902, S114-902A, S114-902B, 23300-EN200, 23300-EN200R, 23300-EN20A, 23300-EN20BNISSAN CUBE 1.8L 2009
NISSAN SENTRA 2.0L 2007-2009
NISSAN VERSA 1.8L 2007-2009
17425MITSUBISHI121.2917425, LRT00168, M1T60281, M1T60285, 23300-80G10, 23300-86G10, 23300-86G11NISSAN D21 PICKUP 2.4L 1990-1995
17685MITSUBISHI121.4917685, LRS02110, M0T60081, M0T60082, 23300-1S770, 23300-1S771, 23300-1S772NISSAN D21 PICKUP 2.4L 1996-1997
NISSAN XTERRA 2.4L 2000-2001
17738MITSUBISHI121.2917738, M0T60185, M0T60186, M0T60187, 23300-4S100, 23300-4S102NISSAN FRONTIER PICKUP 3.3L 1999-2001
NISSAN XTERRA 3.3L 1999-2001
30730RMITSUBISHI122930730, S13-126, LRS01343, 23300-0T600, 23300-54T00NISSAN ECO-T100 3.0 TD 1996-1999
NISSAN TRADE 3.0 TIC 1996-2001
17684MITSUBISHI120.9817684, M3T70381, M3T70382, 23300-1S715, 23300-1S716NISSAN D21 PICKUP 2.4L 1996-1997
16774-1MITSUBISHI120.91016774, LRS00392, M3T27686H, M3T27686N, M3T41381, 23300-18V10, 23300-D0212, 23300-D0213, 23300-D0214NISSAN PRAIRIE 1.8 (M10) 1983-1988
NISSAN SILVIA 2.0L (S12) 1983-1990
17739MITSUBISHI1221017739, M2T84671, 23300-6P010INFINITI Q45 4.1L 1997-2001
17834MITSUBISHI121.71217834, M1T40371, 23300-4W010INFINITI QX4 3.5L 2001-02
33079MITSUBISHI120.8833079, M2T42881, 23300-41B71, JS1016, JS1307NISSAN MICRA 1.2L 16V (K12E) 2002-2005
NISSAN MICRA 1.4L 16V (K11E) AT 2000-2003
17479MITSUBISHI121.71317479, M1T64285, 23300-0B711MERCURY VILLAGER VAN 3.0L(182) V6 1993-1998
NISSAN QUEST VAN 3.0L 1993-1998
16817HITACHI121.4916817, S114-503, S114-503A, LRS01352, 23300-12G02NISSAN D21 PICKUP 3.0L 1986-1988
16817RHI/MI Repl.121.4916817, S114-503, S114-503A, LRS01352, 23300-12G02NISSAN D21 PICKUP 3.0L 1986-1988
16919HITACHI121.21016919, S114-840, LRS02313, 23300-6N200NISSAN PRIMERA 2.0 (P12E) AT 2002-
17147HHITACHI120.8817147, S114-569, S114-569A, S114-617, S114-617A, S114-630, LRS01220, 23300-74Y00, 23300-74Y01, 23300-85A01NISSAN  NX 1.6L 1991-1993
NISSAN  PULSAR 1.6L 1989-1990
NISSAN  SENTRA 1.6L 1989-1994
17196RHI/MI Repl.121.4917196, S114-528, S114-528A, LRS01370, 23300-88G00, 23300-88G01NISSAN D21 PICKUP 3.0L 1990-1996
202-099HITACHI121.4923300-VC201, 23300-VB000, S114-870, S114-878ANISSAN TB42, TB45, TB48 
16771HITACHI121.8916771, S12-68, S12-68A, S12-68B, S12-68D, LRS01081, 23300-31W00, 23300-31W01, 23300-31W02, 23300-31W03, 23300-G7002, 23300-G7005ISSAN LIFT TRUCKS F01 SD22 DIESEL ENGINE 1975
16211HI/MI120.8916211, S114-160, S114-160A, S114-160B, S114-160C, S114-160D, S114-160E, S114-160F, S114-160G, LRS00125, 23300-H5001, 23300-H5002, 23300-H5003, 23300-H5004, 23300-H7300, 23300-H7301, 23300-H7302NISSAN 210 1.5L 1980-1982
NISSAN B210 1.3L 1974
NISSAN B210 1.4L 1975-1978
16775HITACHI120.8816775, S114-315, S114-364, LRS00400, 23300-M8000, 23300-M8001, JS305NISSAN MICRA 1.2L 1984-1991
NISSAN SENTRA 1.5L 1982-1983
NISSAN SENTRA 1.6L 1983-1984
16732HITACHI120.82416732, S114-317, S114-318, S114-318A, LRS00394, 23300-M8100, 23300-M8300, 23300-M8301NISSAN 310 1.5L 1982
NISSAN SENTRA 1.5L 1982-1983
NISSAN SENTRA 1.6L 1983-1984
16775-1HI/MI120.8816775, LRS00400, 23300-M8200, 23300-M8201, S114-316NISSAN 310 1.5L 1982
NISSAN PULSAR 1.6L 1983-1988
NISSAN SENTRA 1.6L 1987-1988
32182HITACHI122932182, S13-101, S13-102, S13-302, S13-302A, LRS01184, 23300-0Y000, 23300-0Y005, 23300-V7200, 23300-V7260, JS650NISSAN PATROL 2.8 TD (Y61) 1997-2000
17147HI/MI120.8817147, S114-569, S114-569A, S114-617, S114-617A, S114-630, LRS01220, 23300-74Y00, 23300-74Y01, 23300-85A01, JS759NISSAN NX 1.6L 1991-1993
NISSAN PULSAR 1.6L 1989-1990
NISSAN SENTRA 1.6L 1989-1994
17146HITACHI121.2817146, S114-530, S114-533, LRS01265, 23300-50Y00NISSAN ALMERA 1.8 16V (N16) AT 2001-
NISSAN PRIMERA 1.6 (P12 WP12) CC 2002-
31121HITACHI121.4931121, S114-705A, S114-705B, S114-705C, S114-762, S114-762A, LRT00120, 23300-52F00, 23300-52F01, 23300-52F10, 23300-65F01, 23300-65F05, 23300-65F10NISSAN SERENA 2.0 (C23M) 1992-2001
NISSAN VANETTE CARGO 2.0 (C23M) 1992-1994
16811HITACHI121.4916811, S114-347, S114-374, S114-374A, S114-374B, S114-403, S114-403B, LRS01185, 23300-05P01, 23300-V5300, 23300-V5301, 23300-V5302NISSAN 200SX 3.0L 1987-1988
NISSAN 300ZX 3.0L 1984-1986
16992HITACHI120.8816992, S114-306, S114-309, S114-605, S114-607, S114-607A, S114-607B, S114-607C, LRS01500, 23300-17C00, 23300-17C05, 23300-18C00, 23300-18C01, 23300-18C02, 23300-18C03NISSAN D21 PICKUP 2.4L 1988-1995
NISSAN VAN 2.4L 1987-1990
17246HITACHI121.4917246, S114-701, S114-701A, S114-701B, S114-701C, LRS01693, 23300-53J00, 23300-63J00, 23300-63J01, 23300-63J02NISSAN  200SX 2.0L 1995-1997
NISSAN NX 2.0L 1991-1993
NISSAN SENTRA 2.0L 1991-1994
17745HITACHI121.4817745, S114-806, S114-806A, LRS02052, 23300-2J260, 23300-2J261, 23300-2J262INFINITI G20 2.0L 1999
NISSAN 200SX 2.0L 1997-1998
NISSAN SENTRA 2.0L 1998-1999
32642RHITACHI121.78 Repl.32642, S114-871, LRS01642, 23300-4J606, JS1225NISSAN  ALMERA 2.0 16V (V10M) 2000-2003
NISSAN  PRIMERA 2.0L 16V (P11E) AT  1999-2002
17980HITACHI121.41317980, S114-844, S114-844R, LRS01753, 23300-8H00R, 23300-8H300, JS1306NISSAN X-TRAIL 2.5L 2005-2006

Manufactured to Original Equipment Specifications

DAH KEE starters and alternators parts are designed and manufactured in consideration of the original equipment manufacturer's specifications, producing high performance and offering cost-effective savings.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

DAH KEE starters and alternators suit a wide range of applications including passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and stationary engines.

Superior Performance

DAH KEE starters and alternators deliver superior performance, improved fuel economy and longer life.

High Quality Components

DAH KEE use the highest quality raw materials in all of their starters and alternators to ensure long life and optimal performance. In the range of starters, this means injected aluminium and corrosion resistant materials. In the alternator range it means premium bearings and non-recycled copper.

Trusted Taiwan Quality

DAH KEE has been a major supplier of new alternators and starters
To OE vehicle manufacturers since 1984, and is also a highly regarded supplier of both new and remanufactured units for the aftermarket. Recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative automotive and heavy duty technology, DAH KEE takes pride in its quality reputation and works continuously to advance its standards of excellence. All Starter Motors are built to stringent precision and performance criteria, and are 100% own factory tested to ensure superior reliability and performance over the long haul. You can trust DAH KEE to deliver!

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12V Starter for TOYOTA - 428000-1840 | Alternator Parts & Starter Parts Manufacturer | DK

Located in Taiwan since 1984, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. has been a car alternator and car starter manufacturer. Their main products include, 12V Starter for TOYOTA - 428000-1840, heavy duty car starters, automotive alternators, electric starter motors, alternator parts, starter parts, AC compressors, window motors, engine ignition coils, which are ISO 9001 certified and performance tested. .

With 28 years experence in alternators, starters, starter motors, distributors, automobile parts and autoparts in Taiwan. With the high quality policy, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. has well-established production system that manufactures and remanufactures alternators, starters and distributors for vehicles. Approved ISO 9001 certificate proved us a reliable consultant and partner of automobile parts supply. 100% tested by high-tech testing machines designed by international company D & V Electronics Ltd.,

DK has been offering customers high performance car alternators and car starters, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, DK ensures that each customer's demands are met.