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alternators and starter motors for over 25 years. | DAH KEE Co., Ltd. is an ISO qualified automobile components rebuilder who provides aftermarket service with alternators and starter motors for over 30 years.

alternators and starter motors for over 25 years.

Company Profile

Professional alternators, starters and distributors remanufacturer and manufacturer for worldwide market.

Brief Introduction

Dah Kee Co., Ltd. is expert and professional in manufacturing three major automobile parts - alternators , starters , and ignition distributors for quarter century. Approved ISO 9001 certification proves our strict quality policy. Adopting high-tech testing machines designed by international company D & V Electronics Ltd., we are better equipped to diagnose the products we rebuild. To execute quality control, our products are 100% tested. Under the strict standard of processing to ensure products quality meeting our customer's requirement and satisfaction.

Dah Kee Co., Ltd. was established since 1984 in Taiwan. Formed by a team of highly qualified professionals and dedicated staff, it is able to team up with our customers and create highest mutual benefits. We believe our continuing research will enable us to maintain our abiding and competent position in this tremendously competitive industry.


For a better life and environmental conservation, we make our efforts to save resources. We have participated in "Reuse, Repair, and Recycle" on our products manufacturing for over 25 years. We has stressed strict quality policy and has ISO 9001 certificate to meet high quality levels that our customers' demand. Our insistence on quality and credits in profession make us the most outstanding and reliable consultant for our customers. We are professional and expert in manufacturing and remanufacturing of three major automobile parts as our major products: alternators , starters and distributors , and we are proud of the products which we made.

Starter for Automobile Hot

Starter for Automobile

Turn on ignition, Starter efficiently working; rotating flywheel transmits the motion and engine starts.

Alternator for Automobile Hot

Alternator for Automobile

During your journey, you have full battery to use it.

Distributor for Automobile Hot

Distributor for Automobile

After stepping on the throttle, the engine is accelerating smoothly.