DAH KEE Co., Ltd.

DAH KEE is a professional alternators, starters and distributors remanufacturer and manufacturer for worldwide market.


Product Category

All alternators and starter motors manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit. Meets vehicle amperage and voltage output requirements.

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Alternator - Alternators


DAH KEE offers brush type and brushless type alternators to meet the needs of each vehicle and equipment...

Starter - Starter Motors


The combination of DAH KEE abundant experience and superior technology produce starters which have the ability...

Ignition Distributors - Ignition Distributors

Ignition Distributors

DAH KEE automatic distributors are mainly for the cars and forklifts such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan,...

Heavy Duty - Heavy Duty Alternators and starters

Heavy Duty

DAH KEE specializes in manufacturing Forklift Starters and Alternators for aftermarket. DAH KEE Heavy...

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Car Starter & Alternator Manufacturer | DK

Located in Taiwan since 1984, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. has been a car alternator and car starter manufacturer. Their main products include, heavy duty car starters, automotive alternators, electric starter motors, alternator parts, starter parts, AC compressors, window motors, engine ignition coils, which are ISO 9001 certified and performance tested. .

With 28 years experence in alternators, starters, starter motors, distributors, automobile parts and autoparts in Taiwan. With the high quality policy, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. has well-established production system that manufactures and remanufactures alternators, starters and distributors for vehicles. Approved ISO 9001 certificate proved us a reliable consultant and partner of automobile parts supply. 100% tested by high-tech testing machines designed by international company D & V Electronics Ltd.,

DK has been offering customers high performance car alternators and car starters, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, DK ensures that each customer's demands are met.