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DAH KEE Co., Ltd. is an ISO qualified automobile components rebuilder who provides aftermarket service with alternators and starter motors for over 30 years.

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A professional alternators, starters and distributors remanufacturer and manufacturer for worldwide market.

Located in Taiwan since 1984, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. is a Extra Service manufacturer. Main products, including alternator, starter, distributors, heavy duty alternator, window motor,blower and forklift parts.

DK manufactures and remanufactures ignition sistributors, car alternators and car starters for all car brands. With the high quality policy, DAH KEE Co., Ltd. has well-established production system that manufactures and remanufactures alternators, starters and distributors for vehicles. Approved ISO 9001 certificate proved us a reliable consultant and partner of automobile parts supply.

DK has been offering customers high performance and heavy-duty car distributors, car starters and the components, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, DK ensures each customer's demands are met.

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As a core user, DAHKEE also sell and buy your cores!

We keep collect and sell geniune cores every months. If you are looking for some cores, or you are planning to sell some cores, please feel free to contact with us.


DAHKEE offer a collection service for catalytic converters.

In cetain processed, catalytic convertors in the chemical and petrochemical industry contain platinum and/or palladium. Here, we provide the possibility of removing the casing of the ceramic body for further use or recycle noble metals. Let's save our natrual resources. Now we are looking for catalytic resources supplier. If you are interested please contact us.