12V Starter for MAZDA - M3T24482

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DAH KEE Co., Ltd., since 1984, is a prime 12V Starter for MAZDA - M3T24482 manufacturer located in Taiwan.

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12V Starter for MAZDA - M3T24482


DAH KEE offers a comprehensive range of high-quality Starter Motors for commercial Mazda vehicles. Whether for gasoline or diesel engines, the outstanding features are the high degree of reliability and performance coupled with a long working life. The innovative design principle makes Starter Motors light and compact for MAZDA 626 2.0L 1983-1987 / MAZDA B SERIES PICKUPS 2.2L 1990-1993 to easier installation in smaller spaces. This is the result of intensive development work aimed at continually improving our starters.

Starter Motor


  • DK No.: 16858
  • Volt: 12
  • KW: 0.95
  • Teeth: 8
  • Type: DD


  • MAZDA 626 2.0L 1983-1987
  • MAZDA B SERIES PICKUPS 2.2L 1990-1993


  • 16858
  • M3T24481
  • M3T24482
  • M3T24482A
  • FE05-18-400
  • F270-18-400A
  • F270-18-400B
  • FE05-18-400A
  • FE05-18-400B
  • FE05-18-400C

More Items to Consider

You can simply email us the vehicle's registration or check that the number of your old unit matches one number from the OE numbers listed below.

DK NO.Mtg.VoltKWTeethInterchangeApplication
M3T58471MITSUBISHI122.214LRS01441, M3T58471, S515-18-400AMAZDA TRUCK E2500 1983-1984
M8T70271MITSUBISHI12212M8T70271, SLN6-18-400 
16708MITSUBISHI120.8816708, LRS00557, E301-18-400, E301-18-400A, M3T30281, M3T30282MAZDA GLC 1.5L 1981-1985
16857MITSUBISHI122.21016857, LRS00625, R201-18-400, M2T92071, JS365MAZDA 626 2.0L 1983-1986
32714MITSUBISHI122.31032714, LRS01714, RF5C-18-400, M2T88671, JS1296MAZDA 6 2.0 DE TD (GG GY) 2002-2007
16859MITSUBISHI120.85816859, LRS00627, F802-18-400, F802-18-400A, M3T33581, M3T33582MAZDA 626 2.0L 1983-1987
17592MITSUBISHI121817592, LRS01361, BPD4-18-400, BPD4-18-400A, M0T80081MAZDA MIATA 1.8L 1999-2005
MAZDA PROTEGE 1.8L 1995-1998
16922MITSUBISHI120.88LRS01150, B630-18-400, B630-18-400A, M3T38882, M3T38982, JS640, F240-18-400MAZDA 323 1.6L 1986-1987
16858MITSUBISHI120.95816858, F270-18-400A, F270-18-400B, FE05-18-400, FE05-18-400A, FE05-18-400B, FE05-18-400C, M3T24481, M3T24482, M3T24482AMAZDA 626 2.0L 1983-1987
16519MITSUBISHI120.8816519, M3T20381, 0324-18-400MAZDA 323 1.5 WAGON(BD) 1981-1985
16744MITSUBISHI122.21316744, S203-18-400A, S203-18-400B, M3T66071, M3T66072, M3T66073MAZDA B SERIES PICKUPS 2.2L 1982-1984
17662MITSUBISHI120.95817662, LRS00886, B61P-18-400, B61R-18-400, B61R-18-400A, B61R-18-400R, M3T39981, M3T48181MAZDA MIATA 1.6L 1990-1993
MAZDA MIATA 1.8L 1994-1997
17908MITSUBISHI121.41117908, L321-18-400, L321-18-400A, M0T87781, M0T87781ZCMAZDA 6 2.3L 2003-2008
MAZDA 6 2.5L 2009
17133MITSUBISHI121.71217133, LRS01166, E01-18-400, JE01-18-400A, JE01-18-400B, JE01-18-400C, JE16-18-400, JE26-18-400, M1T74381, M1T74381A, M1T75181, M1T75381MAZDA 929 3.0L 1988-1991
MAZDA MPV 3.0L 1989-1998
17798MITSUBISHI121.71817798, GY01-18-400B, M1T95681MAZDA MPV 2.5L 2000-2001
17862MITSUBISHI121.42217862, AJ51-18-400, M1T96681MAZDA 6 3.0L 2003-2006
MAZDA MPV 3.0L 2002-2006
32492NMITSUBISHI122.21032492, LRS01492, RF1H-18-400, M2T87471, JS1238MAZDA 626 2.0 TD (GW) 2000-2002
17173NMITSUBISHI121.41217173, G602-18-400, G602-18-400A, G602-18-400B, M2T50981MAZDA  B SERIES PICKUPS 2.6L 1989-1993
MAZDA  MPV 2.6L 1989-1994

Manufactured to Original Equipment Specifications

DAH KEE starters and alternators parts are designed and manufactured in consideration of the original equipment manufacturer's specifications, producing high performance and offering cost-effective savings.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

DAH KEE starters and alternators suit a wide range of applications including passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and stationary engines.

Superior Performance

DAH KEE starters and alternators deliver superior performance, improved fuel economy and longer life.

High Quality Components

DAH KEE use the highest quality raw materials in all of their starters and alternators to ensure long life and optimal performance. In the range of starters, this means injected aluminium and corrosion resistant materials. In the alternator range it means premium bearings and non-recycled copper.

Trusted Taiwan Quality

DAH KEE has been a major supplier of new alternators and starters
To OE vehicle manufacturers since 1984, and is also a highly regarded supplier of both new and remanufactured units for the aftermarket. Recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative automotive and heavy duty technology, DAH KEE takes pride in its quality reputation and works continuously to advance its standards of excellence. All Starter Motors are built to stringent precision and performance criteria, and are 100% own factory tested to ensure superior reliability and performance over the long haul. You can trust DAH KEE to deliver!

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